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We have found that our customers find the perfect business name only after tossing around a miniumum of 50 to 100 great ideas. If three pitches led to perfection, the World Series wouldn’t exist. Baby naming books are longer than many novels. Have you ever seen a kid’s letter to Santa with only three wishes on it? When you’re doing something as important as naming your company, you need the ideas to keep coming until you have that “Eureka!” moment. The naming wizards at Biz Name Wiz clearly understand this as we provide 100's of name choices - not just a few.

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Time is of the essence when starting a company or launching a product. We understand that and it's the reason behind our streamlined process with incredible turnaround times of only 1-2 business days.

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No matter how many people say your company name is awesome, you have to love it too. To ensure you love it, we have an unbelievable money back for any reason
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