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Business Name Ideas

When starting a new business, the name can bring people through the door. We open doors with cool company names.

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Product Names

Developing a great product is only half the project, now you need to sell it! Having an AMAZING product name is required.

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Website Domains

Domains are like your car, it doesn’t necessary reflect who you are, but people judge you by it anyway. We name domains!

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Mom said labels don’t matter. She was wrong. With BizNameWiz, developing your company’s identity begins with label. Get your corporate tagline today!

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Logo Design

A logo is critical to your business name, slogan and overall brand. Did you know ... we do logos!

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Our artists design letterhead, envelopes, business cards, facebook headers & logos, twitter logos & backgrounds and phone wallpaper.

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Need Pricing?

Amazingly LOW prices!

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Product Pricing as low as $99!

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Business Name Generator

101 Funny Business Names

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