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Over the years, the Biz Name Wiz naming experts have come up with distinctive name ideas that are easy to remember and even make you smile a little. They're snappy and smart, imaginative and inspired.

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Product Names We've Named!

Commission Transmission

iPhone App

Website Hangovers

Online Business Book

Ad Nanny

Pop Up Blocker Software


Unique Cooking Spatula


Hair Comb

Jelly Girl Bracelets

Fashion Bracelets for Tweens

Good Karma Guarantee

Again ... yours truly!


Video Game

Taglines We've Named!

We Create Traffic... the Good Kind!

SEO Agency

A Haven for Lunch Lovers

Lunchtime Deli

DUI Resolution Experts

Law Firm

Dotcom Good!

Web Design Firm

We Name Names!

Biz Name Wiz!

Web Solutions Architect

Web Developer

Beauty Stems from Our Stems

Flower Shop

Ethical SEO & Social Media

SEO Agency

More Business Names We've Named!

At Stance


Agile Catering

Aqua Image Photo



Artisan Batter

Aura Apparel

Big Tree Lending


Biz Name Wiz

Bolt Boss


Cake Tycoon

Cake Virtuoso


Castle Scout

Code Cicle

Code On Go

Dev Diablo


Dirtless Digs

Doggie Dojo

Eagle Anchor

Eagle Voyage


Epic Tiger

Fantastic Castle

First Class Bum

Forever Catering



Future Sunset


Iris Essence

Jasmine Essence

Jot Jat


Lounge Act Design


Mighty Epic

Modern Ada

New Safeguard

Olympic Light


Pop Epic

Rad Avenue

Rad Raptor

Risk Release


Room 1000

Ruby Bridge

Ruby Sunset

Samara Team





Tidy Nest Cleaning


Tiger Wrench


U.S. Bold

U.S. Hammer

U.S. Toolbox



Via Hero

Via HQ


Viral Arc

Vision Scout


Wagon Queen



Loved by Our Customers - Actual Testimonials

"Your product & patience are legendary "
BNW Testimonial

"We are 100% happy with our new name and it was you who put us on the road to getting it. It was great to see so many ideas. Thank you so much for your input, the service we have received has been great, it is always a little nerve wracking sending money to a company without speaking to anyone but the regular updates from Amanda kept us at ease and relaxed. We could see from the range of names on the first list that a great deal of thought had gone in and research. We are extremely happy with the results."
BNW Testimonial

"I just wanted to thank you guys for your assistance. I really did not think I was going to be able to find the "perfect" name, but you guys really exceeded my expectations and helped me find that perfect name. I will definitely recommend you to all my business friends and will probably come back to name some of my company's products."
BNW Testimonial

"Thank you for your creative and reactive teamwork!"
BNW Testimonial

"BizName Wizards are profoundly creative and know their business; fully professional but friendly that made the creation of my company name to be a productive, nice and memorable process. Thanks for the result and the experience."
BNW Testimonial

"BizNameWiz are rock-star creative writers, I would highly recommend their naming services! They have excellent ideas and are a pleasure to work with. TWO THUMBS UP!"
BNW Testimonial

"I would like to thank BizNameWiz for all your wonderful efforts! You guys were very responsive and creative with your names. I would highly recommend you to anyone!"
BNW Testimonial

"I have been agonizing over this for weeks and filled an entire notebook with ideas! My book should be out in the next 6-8 weeks and I really needed this name so I can order business cards, a website, a blog, etc. Thank you!"
BNW Testimonial

"Thanks for coming up with a great name!"
BNW Testimonial

"Thank you for sending us the revisions. We were happy with the choices and decided to use The Clunker Pros! We have incorporated our business and hope to start operating by next month. Thank you for the great service!"
BNW Testimonial

"I really do love it. Thank you all for your awesome creativity and quick revisions!"
BNW Testimonial

"Thank you for the great names you guys created really appreciate your hard work!"
BNW Testimonial

"WOW !!!!!!! I LOVE THIS COMPANY - Thank you for assisting us. The names to choose from are great."
BNW Testimonial

"Well done! - We liked the names a lot and decided to go with WinSpire."
BNW Testimonial

"Thank you !!!!! You guys rock!"
BNW Testimonial

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