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Do you save the fortunes from your fortune cookies?

We’ve known this beautiful girl for over a decade -- she’s driven, funny, the type of person who makes you believe in miracles and to this day she has saved EVERY fortune she’s ever had.

We kid you not -- she keeps them in a scrapbook.

Recently we asked her why. Her response, “I love the words.”

She has a point. The words on the page matter. For you restaurant and bar owners, isn’t it true more creative names on a menu get asked about and ordered than your everyday items?

Name has everything to do with expectations and the name on the billboard outside your company is the difference maker between sales and going cold-turkey in the kitchen.

Biz Name Wiz has worked with clients in over 20 Countries. We’ve created over 10, 000 names and counting. We are Naming Jedi’s ready to serve YOUR NEEDS and to prove the point enjoy these free name idea samples.


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101 Funny Business Names

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