Construction & Building Business Names

It’s not just a brick. It’s a work of art. That also happens to be a brick.

For you construction, building, infrastructure designers guess what… the foundation to your business starts with A GREAT NAME.

A great name is like discovering the 9th Wonder of the World. There’s something spectacular about it that stays with you days after you’ve gone home. And when it comes to construction the sky is the limit for what type of name your company should go with.

Construction is like no other business out there. No matter what stage of the game your company is in – be it the designing part, a construction service, or something in the middle -- your product literally pierces the clouds and touches the Heavens. How cool is that?

Sixty years from now what you helped create will still be standing. Shouldn’t the name of the company that made this possible live beyond the years?

Biz Name Wiz thinks so.

We can get you there. We take your core business philosophy and transform it into a skyscraper worthy title. We’re so confident in our abilities we can do it for FREE.


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