About the Biz Name Wiz Team

Staffed with 20+ business-naming experts. We're a professional service ... not a contest!

Let our Biz Name Wizards put a name to your vision. We are a dedicated naming firm that specializes in all aspects of brand name development. Our experts can come up with company names, domain names with .COM availability, product names and taglines that work together to make up your company's unique personality.

At "Biz Name Wiz", we recognize that your customers notice your name before anything else. We take that idea and run with it, providing you creative options that you can make your own. Instead of offering an open contest named by amateurs or naming as an added service, like many branding, design and advertising firms, we focus on what we do best.

We have generated thousands of business names over the years and our free business-naming tools help more than 500,000 entrepreneurs launch businesses every year.

What's more, we offer incredible prices for our specialized service. When you're starting a business, your resources are often limited, but you don't want to grow with a mediocre name. Start off strong without shelling out your entire budget for the perfect name.

Other companies charge $2000 to $20,000 to create your name.

Our packages start at only $99

Before we name your company, let us introduce ourselves. In most cases, our parents named us. Now we get to take control and give a name to your company and products.

With college degrees in marketing, design and other creative specialties, our "Biz Name Wizards" have focused on brand name development for years. They know the importance of a first impression, especially when a business is just starting out. A strong name can bring in your first customer, help build customer loyalty and make your business flourish. Our Biz Name Wizards are motivated to transform the naming experience, so they offer a broad range of choices, quick turnaround, reasonable prices and an incredible good karma guarantee.

And some of our amazing writers and staff who support our customers daily ...

  • Lauren

  • Ashley

  • Agent K

  • Kirk

  • Gaby

  • Agent Z

  • Amber

  • Ryan

  • Erik

  • Mandy

  • Ellie

  • Mr. Beezness

  • Cheryl

  • Bobert

  • L-Boogie

  • Daryl

  • Patti

  • Mike

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